Ship Ahoy! - nov, 22 2005

 Ever wanted to meet the TCS Devereux from the WCP intro in flight? I've just uploaded the "Nautilus"
 (that is, Copernicus-class - Nautilus must've been an earlier name) capship that had been hidden inside
 WCP. The ship's mesh is a little buggy, but it's fine as long as you don't get too close.
 Note also the absence of turrets - that's not an error. It is a reasearch vessel, after all ;).     
 Model Conversion Tutorial Update - sept, 01 2002

 Updated the model conversion tutorial a bit to easier understanding. There still was some references
 to step X or Y, that where from an old version of the tutorial (its fixed now). Also added a important
 note from Mario 'HCl' about the BSP tree.

 WCP Pascal Tutorial - aug, 24 2002

 Added a link to Pedro's wcp pascal mission tutorials.

 Tutorial update - aug, 16 2002

 Rooms tutorial updated.

 Jump update - jul, 22 2002

 Updated the jumpgate zip to fix a small graphical problem.

 Jump - jul, 20 2002

 For those who miss the blue jumpgate effect, try using the one at the files section ;).

 Tutorial VII - jul, 19 2002

 Added a room tutorial from Quarto. All you need to know to create a room file for 
 WCP/SO, but was afraid to ask :p.

 Tutorial VI - jun, 08 2002

 Added a capship conversion tutorial.

 Tutorial update - may, 29 2002

 Attached a SO series sample to the series tutorial.

 Tutorial V - may, 24 2002

 Added a series tutorial from Quarto.

 Kilrathi addition - may, 19 2002

 New ships added: Goran, kilrathi shuttle and destroyer. 

 Its a orbital museum now! - apr, 15 2002

 Now on the ships section, the TCS Victory is complete in capship format: destroyable 
 components, fly trough hangar, turrets and VDU display thanks to Quarto. Model from 


Tutorial Update II - mar, 29 2002
 Comms Tutorial and Cockpit Tutorial  updated, also added a brief EXE editing guide.
 Again courtesy of Quarto.

Tutorial Update - mar, 28 2002
 Comms Tutorial updated, courtesy of Quarto.

Tutorial IV (or Sample I) - mar, 16 2002
 Added a wcppas sample mission code.

Tutorial III - mar, 07 2002
 A new tutorial added: Comms editing.

Tutorial II - feb, 05 2002
 Two new tutorials added: Cockpit editing and Guns editing.

Tutorial - nov, 19 2001
Since  the unfortunate closure of the wcdc, i have decided to get the ship conversion
tutorial back online. ;)

New Home (Again)- nov, 05 2001
 After a stop at wcrevival, now on I've added a couple of new ships: 
 the gladius and wca banshee, plus the Nephele, Tyr VII and Pasqual X sectors 
 are now available on the files section.

New Home - aug, 08 2001

This page is now hosted on the WCDC, and will be mainly devoted to the Wing 
Commander Universe. It will contain modifications i made to Wing Commander. 
The old B5 ships will be moved to 'other projects' section, like wathever i do thats 
not related to the WCU. The Babylon 5 TC, now named Babylon 5 Commander,
has moved to 
A Kilrah sector file is uploaded in the files section.
Older News can be found here


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